Nutrition for Optimal Health

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The first lesson in the course focuses on green leafy vegetables and explains which of these vegetables are the most nutritious. As the lesson progresses, you will discover how best to use green leafy vegetables in your cooking and the advantages for doing so. The second lesson will teach you all about whole grains, with a particular emphasis on how to distinguish a whole grain from other less-healthy grain products. Other topics in this lesson include how to store and cook five of the most nutritious whole grains available. Lesson three will teach you which oils are safe and beneficial for use as well as which oils should be avoided. The lesson goes on to explain the process of producing various oils and discusses the benefits to your body of consuming unrefined oils. The fourth lesson is a guide to natural sweeteners and explains why refined sugars can be detrimental to your health. In the fifth and final lesson, you will be introduced to a selection of super foods with a discussion of their unrivalled health benefits.

Each lessons ends with a twenty question quiz to test your knowledge, and you can ask Julie questions and communicate with other learners in the Discussion Forum.

Before you start the course please read this short Medical Disclaimer.

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Medical Disclaimer

The materials and courses on this site are not designed to cure or heal any illness or disease, nor are they intended to substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Before beginning any practice related to health, diet or exercise, it is highly recommended that you first obtain the consent and advice of a licensed medical professional.


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