Julie’s Guide to Joyful Living

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Course Description

The first lesson in this course focuses on letting go of negative experiences and interactions that may be subconsciously influencing your day to day mood. As the lesson progresses you will be given the knowledge you need to process this negativity and work towards being able to genuinely let go and find peace within yourself.

The second lesson teaches you all about self-love and how to wholeheartedly embrace this concept. Throughout this lesson you will be shown how to use certain practices, such as yoga and meditation, to encourage and sustain feelings of self-love.

The third and final lesson of this course is centred on happiness. This lesson will show you ways to care for yourself and your body in order to become the happiest version of yourself that you can be. I will show you how to make small but effective changes to your lifestyle and your diet in order to combat feelings of negativity, sadness and pessimism!

Each lessons ends with a ten question quiz to test your knowledge, and you can ask Julie questions and communicate with other learners in the Discussion Forum.

Before you start the course please read this short Medical Disclaimer.

Once you have finished the course please complete the Nutrition for Optimal Health Feedback Form.

Medical Disclaimer

The materials and courses on this site are not designed to cure or heal any illness or disease, nor are they intended to substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Before beginning any practice related to health, diet or exercise, it is highly recommended that you first obtain the consent and advice of a licensed medical professional.


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