"Learned much more than I was expecting. Wonderful!" "I really found the course to be very interesting, informative, and helpful when it comes to learning about all the popular healthy food choices out there." "It was very well explained and the right pace. It makes it seem easy to follow a healthier diet." "I thoroughly enjoyed this course! Many thanks for its excellent and thoughtful preparation!" "I just wish there were more courses to take!! Super enjoyed all the content."

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Nutrition for Optimal Health

  • Only $49
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  • 27 Streaming Videos!
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  • 25 Downloadable Recipes!

Proper nutrition is essential if you want to look and feel your best, yet so many of us do not appreciate how much diet influences both our physical and mental health. So if you would like to discover which foods are best for nourishing your body and your mind then enrolling on this course is a fantastic step on a new life-long wellness journey.

The course is divided into five lessons covering different food groups, and each lesson contains around 20 minutes of streaming video. Julie introduces you to each food, shows you how best to prepare it, explains the nutritional benefits and then provides a variety of imaginative ways to include the foods in your diet. There are downloadable recipes, quizzes to make sure you have absorbed the information as well as a live discussion section at the end where Julie will respond to your questions.

Course Contents

  • Green Leafy Vegetables
    • How to prepare and cook five different green leafy vegetables
    • The nutritional value of green leafy vegetables
    • How to wash and store green leafy vegetables properly
    • How to incorporate green leafy vegetables into your diet
    • Five green leafy vegetable recipes
  • Whole Grains
    • What is a whole grain
    • How to store whole grains
    • Which whole grains have the best nutritional value
    • Five recipes that include whole grains
  • Oils
    • Unrefined oils and why are they good for you
    • Refined oils and why they can be bad for you
    • How to store and use different oils
    • How to incorporate unrefined oils into your diet
    • Five recipes incorporating unrefined oils
  • Natural Sweeteners
    • Which natural sweeteners are the most beneficial for health and why
    • How to use natural sweeteners in food preparation
    • How to store natural sweeteners properly
    • How to cook five recipes that include natural sweeteners
    • How to incorporate natural sweeteners into your diet
  • Superfoods
    • Which superfoods are the most beneficial for your health and why
    • How to select and prepare superfoods
    • How to store these superfoods properly
    • How to incorporate these superfoods into your diet
    • Five superfood recipes

By the end of this course you will have the knowledge you need to revolutionise your eating habits. You will have learned about the production, cultivation and history of a wide variety of foods and understand how these foods can play a vital role in keeping your body healthy. You will understand how best to select, prepare and store them. Lastly, you will have learned a variety of exciting ways to include these nutritious foods in your diet.

About Julie Montagu

Julie Montagu is an American living in London. She is a mother, yoga instructor, holistic health counsellor and entrepreneur, and has recently launched the Flexi Foodie Academy as well as her own healthy food line, JUB Foods. Julie has a Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from eCornell, is a certified Health Coach and a member of the American Association for Drugless Practitioners.

Julie has been featured in countless articles on health and nutrition and is currently writing her first cookbook, The Flexi Foodie, to be published in March 2015. Julie also stars in Bravo’s latest reality TV show, Ladies of London, which premieres in the US in June 2014.

As a teenager growing up in the States, I was the skinny, outgoing, cheerleader type – who gorged on junk food! I believed it was doing me no harm because I looked OK. But I did not feel OK. I was exhausted, moody and fed up and my skin didn’t look so hot either. I began reading up on nutrition, diet and exercise and decided to start incorporating whole foods into my diet. Everything got better! I suddenly understood the feeling of ‘healthy’, and my energy levels rocketed. As a result, I decided to qualify as a holistic health counsellor and set up Flexi Foodie Academy – so that I can bring this wonderful feeling of health and vitality to you!

  • Only $49
  • For: Unlimited Access, 27 Streaming Videos, Interactive Quizzes, Discussion Forum and 25 Downloadable Recipes!

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