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The modern day busy lives that so many of us lead can make it difficult to find the time to focus on our own health and well-being. This is why e-learning is such an amazing option!

With my online e-learning portal – The Flexi Foodie Academy – I aim to provide a range of easy to digest courses. These courses are all created with the intention of showing you just how simple it can be to boost your health and your happiness by making small changes to your existing lifestyle!

Each course is an interactive learning experience, with videos, demonstrations, advice, recipes and even a quiz at the end of each lesson to test your new knowledge!

Get started now by choosing which course you would like to begin with! If you have any questions then you are always invited to reach out to me in the discussion forum!

Julie’s Guide to Joyful Living Nutrition for Optimal Health Course

About Julie

Julie Montagu, The Flexi Foodie, is one of London’s top yoga and nutrition teachers and recently named Top 10 Holistic Health Icons in the world and one of Britain’s most inspiring women. As Cosmopolitan said: ‘Among London’s taut-buttocked set, the name Julie Montagu is talked about with the sort of reverence reserved for the Dalai Lama. (Her Sunday class in SW3 gets so packed that she often teaches standing on a radiator. True Story.)’ Julie is the brains behind her new membership wellness site (www.truly-julie.com), and author of 3 International best-selling books: Superfoods, Eat Real Food and Superfoods, Superfast. She has her own column called ‘Small moments of Self-Care’ in the hugely popular Grazia magazine and is a regular contributor for Mind Body Green. Married with four children, Julie divides her time between London and the family estate at Mapperton. Head to www.juliemontagu.com to find out more and follow her on Facebook/Twitter at @juliemontagu / Instagram @theflexifoodie